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Bad Machines is not just a bar, we are also a venue for esports. You can host an esporting event at our location free of charge to you and cater up towards 50 to 100 person turnouts.
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Our venue is free to tournament organizers who want to run tournaments. You pay nothing to organize and run events for our community at Bad Machines. If you would like to run an event with us, please reach out to our esports manager by clicking on the Contact Us link.

One of the big benefits of throwing tournaments with us is earning money. Yes, you can earn money by charging a fee to enter tournaments with us. This is a common and well-accepted practice in tournament play. You can charge $10 for a local tournament. This breaks down into $5 venue fee and $5 pot donation. In most cases, the venue fee goes to the house (Bad Machines). We instead push that fee to the tournament organizers instead. That means, for every person you draw to your tournament, you earn $5 per head to go towards running your event.

Another big benefit is that we have existing equipment that you can use for your event. We have around 5 or more PlayStation 4's, Switches and PC's available for tournament play. This on top of an existing PA, mics, stage, projector, mixing board, professional camera, and more.

If your event is popular enough and brings out at least 8 to 16 attendees, then you have a chance to earn at least $100 - $300 extra in pot bonuses. This extra cash will be given by Bad Machines directly to help ensure your success. Why? Well, we are a business at the end of the day. If you are bringing people out who drink and eat, this is our way of profit sharing with the players who attend. Together, they all benefit from helping support the bar and we want to ensure together, we all benefit from each other.

If you have an idea of a benefit we should add, then reach out to us and let us know what benefits you think we should add. We are always trying to offer more and we want Bad Machines to be a good home to tournament organizers everywhere.

Event Ideas

We have had a number of really good events at Bad Machines. Some of our past tournaments have been Street Fighter 6, Tekken 7, Mario Kart 8, Super Smash Bros, and Guilty Gear: Strive. We have even had some success in group or couples games like Overcooked 2. All of these events have had good turnouts at various times and we are always looking to expand to other games. If you have a game to try, reach out to us and let us know your event ideas.

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