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Play right at the bar!
Bad Machines features arcades, consoles, board games, D&D, and so much more while you eat and drink! Everything is free as long as you are drinking (or eating)!
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Eat, Drink, & Game

We offer booths that come with a dedicated TV and Nintendo Switch packed with all the hottest games. That way you can not only have a fun experience for more than one friend, but also have a dedicated space to safely eat and drink without worries. Every booth is open to all without reservation as long as you are drinking and or eating. Yes, we do not charge per hour. We are not a traditional LAN center where you have to be pay per hour to play. You set your own price point and have fun!

Competitive Play

On the opposite side of our booths, we will have at least 5 dedicated setups for competitive play. Yes, we do host tournaments in various games such as Super Smash Brothers, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Tekken, and even Mario Kart and Overcooked II for couples. We will be expanding our new location to feature PC's that will contain Fortnite, League of Legends, DotA2, CounterStrike, and more!

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Board Gaming

While we primarily focus on electronic sports (Esports), we also offer a range of boardgames for our booths and larger tables for those who want to go completely analog. We also encourage and have books for Dungeons & Dragons as well support anytype of CCG such as Magic The Gathering and more!

Retro Gaming

Lastly, we have a dedicated set of old school CRT TV's that are stacked and ready to play the older NES, SNES, and other classic consoles for those looking to relive their childhood memories. We also have a couple of arcade machines to feed that itch if you ever needed one for the real classics!

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